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About Us

The Power Brush is the cleaning solution for your daily needs and guaranteed to fit any type of lifestyle. Our mission is to facilitate the daily lives of people all over the globe. To do this, The Power Brush has invested careful consideration to provide a solution with attention to detail to meet all of the needs for our valued customers. The Power Brush has become the number 1 choice for household cleaning due to quality cleaning with and ease of use. Once you try The Power Brush, you won’t need sponges ever again!

A Tangible Approach To Daily Living Tasks!

The scrub brush is an innovative tool and all-purpose solution for daily household cleaning and any home improvement projects. Each scrub brush uses medium size bristles that are made out of durable, high-quality nylon and easily attaches to any power drill. The bristles are safe on sinks, bathtubs, walls, and a majority of surfaces without scratches or damages. With The Power Brush, you have the option of selecting 1 of 3 scrub brushes in different sizes for your various brush scrubbing needs. Great for cleaning, scrubbing and spinning away any unwanted grime.